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Overview-The Miracle League is baseball for handicap children that play on a smooth rubber surface to help them with their walkers and wheelchairs. This field is in need of being resurface or we won't be able to have this league because of the danger it imposes on the children.
We felt that it is important to make sure that if you donate that you should have a chance to win a car.
Kiwanis is a global organization serving the child throughout the world. We also are a 100% charity which means that all monies go directly to the charity and no one is being paid. All members are volunteers serving to help those that can not help themselves. Please help us to help these children. You will need to hit the ENTER NOW button and put in the code for Kiwanis Miracle League. Promo Code VMPFCM Select which cars and hit ENTER NOW each car packages are individual and separate entries. Promo Code "VMPFCM"

We're an extremely passionate group that is working very hard to achieve great things. We are only successful when we have the support of our friends, family, neighbors and community.

Thank you for helping our cause.

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